Wednesday, December 23, 2009

drum roll please

firstly, apologies to camelshoes. 200 posts and i didn't bat an eyelid. i'm embarrassed to say, just days before posting entry 200, i noticed i was on 199 and vowed to celebrate accordingly when i clocked my double century.

then i forgot. and there's the story of my life.

anyway, i am here now ready to discuss my best of 2009 list. i've shamelessly pinched this idea from snob nicky and altered it to suit. without further ado....

{the year's best stuff, according to me}

best book: yes, i really am going to plug it again. the book thief. read it, read it, read it.

best movie: i'm not big on flicks. i would watch a season of flight of the conchords, scrubs, the office et al before i would commit to a movie. i am actually struggling to think of movies i watched in 2009. as for the best....ummmm, perhaps the reader.

best tv show: it wasn't new to 2009, but it was new to me. the inbetweeners. funny shit. on this topic, i really miss british television. apologies to my beloved australia, but we're really not up to scratch.

best song: london took me out of the music loop a little. seems silly given the plethora of live music at london's fingertips. but i traditionally discover music loves on the radio and i traditionally listen to the radio in the car. no car in london. since returning to oz, triple j has reunited me with fantastic music and right now i cannot get enough of home by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, little lion man from mumford and sons and dan sultan's letter. and it would be remiss of me not to give boom boom pow a commercial thumbs up. drop the beat now.

best album: i was introduced to this album in 2008 so i am totally cheating but i cannot go past girl talk's feed the animals. it was definitely my 2009 soundtrack.

best destination: paris. je t'aime. closely followed by salzburg.

best trend: shoulders. who would have thought?

best story: michael jackson. to clarify, i don't mean to imply the news of his death was the best, just the fascinating way it was covered. i couldn't stop reading about it.

best blog find: i can't really complain about this being too hard because i put it here. it just seems kind of relevant. there were lots of new blogs i took a liking to in 09. a huge kudos to seema for her drive and courage kick-starting side street, sydney. five stars to tavi the style rookie for displaying words and style exceeding her tender years. and eternal gratitude to matthew at fuck you, penguin for his sublime combination of hilarity and originality.

{what about you? any standouts in 2009?}


Seema Duggal said...

Thank you Miss Kate :).
Good list, too.

And Home is so totally going to be the first song I dance to at my wedding.

...kate said...

it's my ringtone. i never want to answer my phone.

april said...

Am going to borrow your blog - hope that is ok? Such a good idea...

...kate said...

go nuts

Melissa said...

Nooooo not the shoulders! When you've got shoulders like a professional swimmer you don't want to see MORE shoulders! lol

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