Friday, December 18, 2009

look what i made...

...and i'm giving it to rick.

there are these blog awards which float around the interwebbysphereson. they're just random little blog badges which one blogger passes on to another as a mark of recognition.

i don't know how they start. i don't really know how they work. so it's with an air of 'why not?' that i've created the 'love your words' award.

the 'love your words' award will work on a tag-you're-it basis. i'm tagging rick and i'll tell you why in a minute. once rick finds out he's 'won' (i guess i'll tell him by commenting on his blog - if you know a better way, do tell) he will be completely obligated to post an entry of his own informing his readers of one, the recognition, two, where it came from and three, where he is going to send it next.

yes, it's also a pretty good networking exercise.

because i am really good at googling stuff super technologically advanced, i have created a html code which means rick, and all future victors, can put the above badge on their blog - if they so desire. trophies are so 1990s.

have i covered everything?

it's important to note, i follow and enjoy a lot of blogs. sure, it's a great procrastination tool but i also get a lot out of it. i love good stories. i love amazing words. the combination of both completes me.

rick's blog is the first i ever followed. admission: i know rick and he is a friend. but biased i am not. his writing is utterly fantastic and many, many strangers think so too. he will write a book one day. it will be successful. and i will tell everyone it all started with the 'love your words' award (even though it didn't).

tag. you're it, rick. and i look forward to following the domino effect.


Rick M said...

Due to the sheer delight of email notifications, I realised straight away that you had posted a comment on my blog. Which told me to go here (I never got an Easter Egg hunt as a child and I tell you, this is the damned closest I'll ever get).

Might I just say that you are supremely delightful? This is going to sound like on of those times where you get a Christmas present from someone at Christmas that you weren't expecting so now you have to get them a Christmas present too, but I love your words as well super darling.

I guess it's cheating if I just give the award back to you on my blog? I could always print it out and fasten it, using duct tape, to the back of a tiny musk rat and see where destiny takes the award, though I scarcely believe the musk rat has the digitial literacy necessary to tag a blog.

We shall see.

entsol: The aeroguard equivalent used to keep away pesky talking trees that live on Middle Earth.

bananas. said...

oh bloggy love is the best! way to start it and spread it :)

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