Tuesday, December 29, 2009

t(w)o three or not t(w)o three?

i'm still fiddling with my layout. you can probably tell. i am basically happy with it but it's not perfect and i am pedantic about this kind of stuff. you should have seen the uni notes i used to produce. talk about your time-waster.

anyway, there will no doubt be tweaks to come but i wanted your advice on one major thing: two columns or three?

right now, obviously, camelshoes is sporting three columns and i think i have the columns widths just about right. i think.

when it was two columns, the width of the entire blog was quite a bit smaller (ie: on a computer screen the size of mine, there was more white space either side of the 'stuff'), the main column was on the left and there was one sidebar on the right.

which did you prefer?


Amanda said...

I like the layout, although on my little netbook screen I can't see it all at once...I have to scroll sideways to see the sidebars. I'm pretty sure that's just the size of my screen though, which is really small!
I always like 3 columns, it made me feel like my blog was less cluttered for some reason!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Like Amanda, I have a dinky screen, but I like your layout - feels nice & spacious :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS to say hi!

Judy said...

I'm a three column girl, myself.

Betterman said...

i think this is better.

LOUD n PROUD said...

I like your 3 column look,i only have 2.
stopping by from SITS

Melissa said...

I like it like this. Lots to click on in the first screen and mine's wide enough to get it all in one width. Love the red, suits your blog.

It's so difficult just to get it to a point and leave it alone. I change my header almost weekly! :o)

Amanda said...

Kate, I gave you an award! :)

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