Friday, January 29, 2010


DISCLAIMER: i am re-reading this and trying to work out whether mum bloggers are going to get the shits. instead of delete things i have already written, i will just say, i don't think poorly of mums who blog. i like good writers regardless of what they do. there are plenty of great blogs written by mums. i'm just not at the "baby's first steps" stage of my life so don't always relate.

scrolling through the blog world, i find about 90 per cent of blogs fall into two categories: mums and cooks. nothing wrong with that. just an observation.

for me though, as a reader, mum blog rarely hook me. i mean, if you're a wonderful writer with some sass about you, and you happen to be a mum, you could win me over. but if you're just talking about first steps, words and other cute-sy stuff, all power to you but i'm just not interested.

as for the cooking blogs, i'll usually have a bit of a scroll until a pretty dessert catches my eye. i'll suss out the ingredients and, 10 times out of 10, move on without taking any notes. still, they get a few minutes out of me which isn't bad in blog terms.

on that note, i decided i wanted to share a recipe with you. i'll never be the author of a cooking blog. i'm a foodie, but it's more the eating than the preparing for me. it's not that i don't cook, or don't enjoy it, it's just that i am time poor and find myself prioritising other things.

that's why this recipe suits. it's so damn quick and easy. not to mention scrumptious. and yes, i can call it my recipe because i altered the original to better suit me. straw clutching. i know.

so, to make my peppermint slice you'll need:
3 x peppermint crisps
1 x packet of butternut cookies
1 x can condensed milk
1 x block cooking chocolate

and you'll need to:
blend the biscuits into crumbs
chop up the p. crisps
combine in a mixing bowl
add condensed milk and combine
line square/rectangular tin with baking paper
spoon mixture in, spread out etc etc
refrigerate. best to leave it overnight
melt the chocolate and cover
cut into squares (or just pick up the whole slab and eat. eat. eat)

ps: it should look like this.

pps: the coolest thing about this recipe, my recipe, is that it features in an actual cookbook. it's called breathing life back into the kitchen. it's written by my auntie. it's awesome. and it's available in all wonderful book stores, other fantastic homewares stores or right here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

first day of school (oh my, don't they grow up fast?)

a red delicious apple for the red, delicious teacher.

congratulations and all my love to you on your first day of school: teacher's edition.

i'm sure you felt a similar combination of nerves and excitement when you made your first classroom debut 25 years ago.

and i bet it took you a matter of seconds to feel at home among new friends and peers.

today won't be different.

you'll kill it. and you'll love it.

{and i'll love watching you love it}

Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

i can see your breakfast, sweetie

i have just received confirmation that, yes, i am old.

i had a meeting. it was at the cafe up the road from the office. it required a 10 minute walk which turned out to take me through hundreds of youngens (and a few way-too-oldens) en route to the big day out.

i cursed my timing and pressed on. it was entertaining at least. but i've got to say, about 80 per cent of the girls (99 per cent of the skinny ones) were wearing jaw-droppingly little.

the most obvious trend was the short shorts. now, let's get one thing clear. i am a huge fan of short shorts. i own a few pairs and (when i am at my 'acceptable weight', which is about four kgs lighter than i am now) i wear them all.the.time.

but these aren't your regular short shorts. these are shorts that are cut, without a hint of exaggeration, like undies. not boyleg. not briefs. more like frenchies. check it.

okay, so most of them have nicer bums than this girl but still, you get my point. and i've got to say, this photo doesn't even do it justice.

and if you think that's a decent wedgie, there were plenty of cameltoes to be seen on the concourse today too.

what is it with young fashion these days? and who put the old woman's dress code in my brain?

but hey, live and let live, no harm, no foul and other cheesy proverbs.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

you make me happy, when skies are grey

it's a blog award. it was bestowed upon me by kellyansapana. thanks muchly.

the first rule of the Happy 101 award is to list 10 things that make me happy. so i shall do so. now.

one. it's the first thing that comes to mind and it's pretty darn obvious. it's the boy. he's wonderful for a million reasons. he makes me feel deliriously happy. he makes me feel completely safe. it's the best.

two. coffee. it's not the flavour or the caffeine. although those things are great. it's what coffee represents to me. it's comforting for one but, more significantly, for me it's about connecting. connecting to your own thoughts. connecting to your friends. one of life's most simple pleasures is sharing a coffee with a mate. some of the conversations i've had over a flat white or two have been...god, they've been so many things. important, necessary, memorable, hilarious, path-finding, life-changing. i feel similarly about red wine so i'll throw that in here rather than repeat myself below.

three. what came first, the laughter or the happiness? regardless, i'm claiming laughing as one of my top ten. how good is it? even when the time's not right for a joke, there's room for laughter.

four. writing. i couldn't stop writing if i tried. it's therapy. even when the words hurt, the benefits are enormous.

five. hanging. just chilling. doing not much of anything. but with the right people. mike is one. a significant one. but there are others. people who it's fun to be bored with. now that's a valuable friend.

six. shoes. i have never once uttered the words "do these shoes make me look fat?" happiness in a shoebox.

seven. presents. yeh, fuck it. i'll say it. getting presents is awesome. except when they're shit and i have to pretend they're great. that said, i honestly do find much happiness in giving presents as well. but only when i feel like i've nailed it.

eight. balance. between work and play, between busy and bored, between gym junkie and lazyface, between starving and glutinous, between pollyanna and eeyore. balance has been part of my life in short bursts but i'd like it to stick around. it's my pursuit of happiness.

nine. weddings. 'tis the season it seems with mike and i attending weddings left, right and centre. good thing i love them. it's just so nice to be part of such a special moment and i am a sucker for the whole love thing. plus, you get to play dressups and party without hitting the skanky city. even in my past life working in hospitality, i loved when the evening's function was a wedding reception. guests were generally very happy which was such a refreshing change from the corporate wanks we usually catered for.

ten. food. yeh, this could probably sit up there with coffee and red wine at number two but i didn't think of it then and now i need a number 10. i love food for flavour's sake. i am a sweet tooth but appreciate pretty much any flavour. although baby corn and beetroot can fuck right off. give me a tim tam slam any day. peanut butter on a spoon. mmm. and ice creeeeeeeeeeeeam. nomnomnom. mike's ah-maze-ing in the kitchen so i win there. but really, it's the sharing thing again.

so, a beautiful meal accompanied by a lovely red, shared with wonderful friends (including mike, of course) who all bring me presents and compliment me on my glorious shoes. add lots of laughter and perhaps some wedding talk. punctuate with perfectly prepared coffee and follow up with a blog post - well, that's happiness in a nutshell.

now, the second rule of the Happy 101 award is to pass it on to 10 bloggers. i am going to james dean that one because 10 is just too many. i will pay it forward though and i'm shooting it across to happy lan, a wonderful writer (among other things) whose blog deserves attention.

cheers, big ears.

i wish it was friday.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

hi anxiety, it's been a while

i am feeling so damn blah today.

i know why. and, as usual i am going to be super ambiguous to avoid offending anyone. firstly, i've been accused of doing something horrible. apparently this horrible thing happened 10 years ago. i have absolutely no recollection of said horrible thing. so i find myself in an anxiety-filled no man's land between 'delivering profuse and heartfelt apology' and 'flat out defence of self'.

it doesn't sound like something i would do. and that feeling has been backed up by a second accusee. but shit i doth feel and i am having trouble shaking it.

icky, unshakable feeling under sternum exacerbated by recent discovery that hard work produced by me has been criticised behind my back. now, i've got to say, the criticism is so damn insignificant - and, in my opinion, well off the mark - but since i was already feeling like a sad cardboard robot standing in the rain, it's not helped.

anyway, i'm all anxious and shit. for mine, anxiety is the worst feeling ever. seriously, i'd rather you stiletto my toe.

but here's the silver lining. i haven't felt anxious for ages. a-a-a-ages. it's taken today to realise that. so, even though things are currently sucking, at least i've been alerted to the fact that life's been treating me well. and (or perhaps "or") i am starting to gain some power over the previously debilitating bitch.

still, piss off dumb arse day.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

holy serendipitous batman

have you read this? it's part of the uber romantic tale of the boy and i. you don't need to read it now but what you do need is to know that back then, for very good reasons, i was all about pseudonyms. mike's was matthew mcconaughey because, my god, that man is gorgeous. which man? both.

anyway, fast forward.

i was duty free shopping at hong kong airport the other day. the other day meaning september. on the shopping list was a new fragrance for mike to add to the 'honey, i'm home' present pile. mike doesn't have 'a' fragrance so the options were endless. i was spraying and sniffing like a coked-up fireman, collecting little strips of cardboard whenever something took my fancy.

but there were just too many scents and i was getting overwhelmed by the choice. i was starting to feel drunk on perfume when i spotted a strikingly handsome bottle across the aisle. i sauntered towards it for the real test. the sniff test.

oh my. it was delicious. while the previous fragrances had begun to blend into each other, this one stood out as something special. i knew it was the one. and that's exactly what it was: the one by d&g. how perfect, i thought. the one. just like mike.

my decision was made.

a few nights ago, mike and i were curled up watching the box when the gorgeous matthew mcconaughey appeared on the screen. it was an ad neither of us had seen. i have mike a cheeky nudge - he is my matthew mcconaughey afterall.

we continued to watch.

so, like i said, holy serendipitous batman. it was such a nice moment. we just laughed. there have been a lot of 'signs' that point towards mike and i being mike and i but this was the icing on the cake.

sure, strong relationships are based on a whole lot more than signs, which i realise many people would sooner call coincidences, but it doesn't make them any less special.

on tele right now is the zumba ad. i prefer matthew.

Friday, January 8, 2010

just your regular katharine hepburn

now i feel like a bit of a wanker.

less than 24 hours after the ott blog award was bestowed upon me (rather than link to it, i'll just tell you to scroll down a few posts), i won another one.

this is a good thing, of course. but, you know, it's all a bit 'hey, look at all my blog love'. then again, ain't nothing wrong with a little blog love, especially for someone who so desperately requires validation me.

thanks to melissa at suger coat it for adding a splash of yellow to my day. she created the award to recognise supportive bloggers. it's a nice idea i think. no matter the theme, i think it takes guts to blog. you're laying your words, often your thoughts, on the line for anyone to read and, in turn, judge.

some of my blog entries have been frightening to post. a supportive or positive comment has, on a couple of occasions, been the difference between leaving it exposed or pulling it down.

there are a number of people in my blogging world who consistently offer wonderful support. one is rick who i will not pass this award on to because 1/ i gave him an award the other day and 2/ much to my dismay, sit down for this dot com will soon be stripped from the www due to restrictions at rick's new job. sigh. although it's an amazing job and i am in awe. nicky and karls also come straight to mind but handing them the accolade would be kind of boring since they snared the ott award on wednesday.

anyway, blah blah blah. i will award this to...actually, i am going to give it to seema although i realise it's kind of redundant. seema is the talented author of this is not pretty. it's worth checking out but, the thing is, it's been 'closed until further notice'. this is to make way for the fantastic side street, sydney. also very much worth checking out but it's totally professional so i don't think posting this award would fit the mould. but, even though the sunshine award will come to a halt in her hands (not really, there's a few strands going), i would like to take this opportunity to publicly recognise how significant and important her comments have been, especially across my darker blogging hours.

anyway, sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, weekend, whoo xx

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

outstanding achievement in the field of excellence

karma much. i created a blog award about two weeks ago. because i could and also, i guess, because it was something which seemed absent from australian blogging.

then, last week, i received one myself. look.

a blog award is nothing but a virtual thumbs up. the only thing it really means is that at least one person likes your blog. but for bloggers, that's a pretty sweet reward. mostly, i write camelshoes for me, but without external readers, it would all feel a little pointless.

so, turns out amanda at teasingly diverse likes my blog and, conveniently, i like hers also.

the rules over the over the top award* are to complete the following with one-word answers before passing the kudos to six of my fave bloggers. here goes...

1. Where is your cell phone? Adjacent

2. Your hair? Washed

3. Your mother? North

4. Your father? South

5. Your favorite food? 'Scream

6. Your dream last night? Wheelchair

7. Your favorite drink? Water

8. Your dream/goal? Happiness

9. What room are you in? Study

10. Your hobby? Writing

11. Your fear? Loneliness

12. Where do you want to be in six years? Home

13. Where were you last night? Dreamland

14. Something that you aren't? Nasty

15. Muffins? Please

16. Wish list item? Library

17. Where did you grow up? Wagga

18. Last thing you did? Sip

19. What are you wearing? Tee

20. Your TV? Bargain

21. Your pets? Passed

22. Friends? Loved

23. Your life? Undulating

24. Your mood? Nuetral

25. Missing someone? Muchly

26. Vehicle? Harry

27. Something you're not wearing? Pants

28. Your favorite store? Online

29. Your favorite color? Depends

30. When was the last time you laughed? Yesterday

31. Last time you cried? Yesterday

32. Your best friend(s)? Answered

33. One place that I could go over and over? Byron

34. One person who emails you regularly? Fiona

35. Favorite place to eat? Paris

what a random bunch of questions. so, to pass on the glory, here's cheers to:

1. Karls at Karlosophies

2. Nicky at Snob Nicky

i am going to break trend and stick with two. it seems enough. plus, i don't like ranking people so, let's just say, these are two blogs i have taken to of late. they are honest, well-written and worth checking out.

*i'm not sure if it's a cultural thing but, to me, over the top isn't really a good thing. more so, it implies you've gone too far. lady gaga, for example, is over the top. but, for the sake of the game, i am going to embrace the intended meaning. thanks again, amanda.

Monday, January 4, 2010

'weighing' in on the debate

i am usually quick to form passionate opinions on the big news stories about town. international disgrace tiger woods for example. but i tend to keep them separate from my blog. i don't want to get too fiery for one (i can be a little speedy to fly off the handle) but also, i generally like to write about things that aren't everywhere you turn.

but god damn it, i am so riled up about the jen-hawkins-nude-on-marie-claire-cover debacle and i can't stay quiet.

hawkins is a fantastic role model. i've not met her but she seems smart, she is hugely successful and she's most certainly gorgeous. but to roll her out, airbrush free, as an example of body confidence is simply patronising.

she's a former miss universe. a model who is no stranger to parading in swimwear and lingerie. a celebrity who is paid to look amazing. she does not represent your average woman.

i am sure she works very hard to keep her figure looking as good as it does. and we should all strive to be healthy, physically and mentally. but she was also blessed with a naturally amazing body and i fail to see the lumps and bumps she claims to sport.

yep, i am totally jealous. but that's not where my argument stems from. honest.

has apparently done this for charity. which charity? the butterfly foundation - an eating disorder support group. well, these pictures kind of make me want to stop eating so i'm not sure how they're going to work for those who've already gone that far.

plus-size model lizzie miller posed next-to-nude and untouched in glamour last year so this idea isn't new. in fact, marie claire's attempt seems token in comparison.

right, now off to the gym.

t minus two sleeps...

...until my love is home. hurry please.
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