Thursday, January 28, 2010

first day of school (oh my, don't they grow up fast?)

a red delicious apple for the red, delicious teacher.

congratulations and all my love to you on your first day of school: teacher's edition.

i'm sure you felt a similar combination of nerves and excitement when you made your first classroom debut 25 years ago.

and i bet it took you a matter of seconds to feel at home among new friends and peers.

today won't be different.

you'll kill it. and you'll love it.

{and i'll love watching you love it}


Karls said...

They sure do.

Anonymous said...

I hope this post was dedicated to me... but as my first first day of school could not possibly have been 25 years ago, unless of course mum gave birth and sent me on my way, I'm going to assume my post it yet to come!


kate said...

aaahh, hi sally. it's a good point you make and i am a bad sister.

but you guessed well because the only thing you were doing 25 years ago was screaming while someone cleaned the goo off you. also, you're not red.

but yesterday wasn't your real first day. no kids. doesn't count.

Poolie Shore said...

Those kids are the luckiest.
I bet you smashed day one Clifford, and the trend will continue.
You won't fool the children of the Redolution.

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