Wednesday, January 13, 2010

holy serendipitous batman

have you read this? it's part of the uber romantic tale of the boy and i. you don't need to read it now but what you do need is to know that back then, for very good reasons, i was all about pseudonyms. mike's was matthew mcconaughey because, my god, that man is gorgeous. which man? both.

anyway, fast forward.

i was duty free shopping at hong kong airport the other day. the other day meaning september. on the shopping list was a new fragrance for mike to add to the 'honey, i'm home' present pile. mike doesn't have 'a' fragrance so the options were endless. i was spraying and sniffing like a coked-up fireman, collecting little strips of cardboard whenever something took my fancy.

but there were just too many scents and i was getting overwhelmed by the choice. i was starting to feel drunk on perfume when i spotted a strikingly handsome bottle across the aisle. i sauntered towards it for the real test. the sniff test.

oh my. it was delicious. while the previous fragrances had begun to blend into each other, this one stood out as something special. i knew it was the one. and that's exactly what it was: the one by d&g. how perfect, i thought. the one. just like mike.

my decision was made.

a few nights ago, mike and i were curled up watching the box when the gorgeous matthew mcconaughey appeared on the screen. it was an ad neither of us had seen. i have mike a cheeky nudge - he is my matthew mcconaughey afterall.

we continued to watch.

so, like i said, holy serendipitous batman. it was such a nice moment. we just laughed. there have been a lot of 'signs' that point towards mike and i being mike and i but this was the icing on the cake.

sure, strong relationships are based on a whole lot more than signs, which i realise many people would sooner call coincidences, but it doesn't make them any less special.

on tele right now is the zumba ad. i prefer matthew.


Kellyansapansa said...

I'm a big believer in signs, but with a slightly different perspective. I think that we see signs because we are looking for them, but we are looking for them because we want reinforcement of what we already know. It can work for both positive and negative signs - if you know deep down that someone is not right for you, you will see signs that he's not right for you. It's just a theory, but I'm sticking to it!

Rick M said...

Well, I think that's sweet. And he kind of DOES look like Matt M.

seste: The sibling you have when you have a speech impediment. said...

I completely believe in signs. In fact for someone who is usually so logical I place a whole lot of faith in unexplainable things.

Regardless, this is way cute.

CuppyCakes said...

I prefer Matthew to Zumba too.

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