Friday, January 22, 2010

i can see your breakfast, sweetie

i have just received confirmation that, yes, i am old.

i had a meeting. it was at the cafe up the road from the office. it required a 10 minute walk which turned out to take me through hundreds of youngens (and a few way-too-oldens) en route to the big day out.

i cursed my timing and pressed on. it was entertaining at least. but i've got to say, about 80 per cent of the girls (99 per cent of the skinny ones) were wearing jaw-droppingly little.

the most obvious trend was the short shorts. now, let's get one thing clear. i am a huge fan of short shorts. i own a few pairs and (when i am at my 'acceptable weight', which is about four kgs lighter than i am now) i wear them all.the.time.

but these aren't your regular short shorts. these are shorts that are cut, without a hint of exaggeration, like undies. not boyleg. not briefs. more like frenchies. check it.

okay, so most of them have nicer bums than this girl but still, you get my point. and i've got to say, this photo doesn't even do it justice.

and if you think that's a decent wedgie, there were plenty of cameltoes to be seen on the concourse today too.

what is it with young fashion these days? and who put the old woman's dress code in my brain?

but hey, live and let live, no harm, no foul and other cheesy proverbs.


Kellyansapansa said...

Wearing inappropriate clothing is a rite of passage. The difference is that, these days, inappropriate has become heavily geared towards overtly sexy. As this becomes more acceptable, what will future generations do to shock their elders?

kate said...

agreed. i wore heaps of inappropriate things when i was their age, but i think they were inappropriately daggy. did someone say homeboy pants?

Karls said...

I never wore inappropriate clothing... must have had something to do with the mid 90s, ripped jeans and old brown cardigans. Or, more likely, my self esteem.

I'm also a massive fan of short shorts... General rule: If you can see bum cleavage... bom bommm!

kate said...

some of these girls had veej cleavage

CuppyCakes said...

UUGH. I'd have been too horrified to eat at my cafe meeting.
I also wonder where my 'mumsie' attitude to the youngin's dress sense came from..
Veej Clev. YUCK

Melissa said...

Breaky meeting + tiny shorts - usual sunny disposition was exactly my Saturday last week. This is a wonderful post. Heard myself in it and laughed out loud.

And don't even get me started on veej clevage. Shock horror!

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