Friday, January 8, 2010

just your regular katharine hepburn

now i feel like a bit of a wanker.

less than 24 hours after the ott blog award was bestowed upon me (rather than link to it, i'll just tell you to scroll down a few posts), i won another one.

this is a good thing, of course. but, you know, it's all a bit 'hey, look at all my blog love'. then again, ain't nothing wrong with a little blog love, especially for someone who so desperately requires validation me.

thanks to melissa at suger coat it for adding a splash of yellow to my day. she created the award to recognise supportive bloggers. it's a nice idea i think. no matter the theme, i think it takes guts to blog. you're laying your words, often your thoughts, on the line for anyone to read and, in turn, judge.

some of my blog entries have been frightening to post. a supportive or positive comment has, on a couple of occasions, been the difference between leaving it exposed or pulling it down.

there are a number of people in my blogging world who consistently offer wonderful support. one is rick who i will not pass this award on to because 1/ i gave him an award the other day and 2/ much to my dismay, sit down for this dot com will soon be stripped from the www due to restrictions at rick's new job. sigh. although it's an amazing job and i am in awe. nicky and karls also come straight to mind but handing them the accolade would be kind of boring since they snared the ott award on wednesday.

anyway, blah blah blah. i will award this to...actually, i am going to give it to seema although i realise it's kind of redundant. seema is the talented author of this is not pretty. it's worth checking out but, the thing is, it's been 'closed until further notice'. this is to make way for the fantastic side street, sydney. also very much worth checking out but it's totally professional so i don't think posting this award would fit the mould. but, even though the sunshine award will come to a halt in her hands (not really, there's a few strands going), i would like to take this opportunity to publicly recognise how significant and important her comments have been, especially across my darker blogging hours.

anyway, sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, weekend, whoo xx


Rick M said...

You are a pure and utter delight. I do not understand why you are not positively flooded with blogging awards. I would give you all them, 'cept I would have to make them first and my creativity when it comes to these kinds of things stops somewhere close to 'me likey you wonderful time' and, really, that just ain't going to cut it.

flabsmay: The stunning feeling of dismay you feel at spying you have put on extra kilos.

Seema Duggal said...

It has been a pleasure getting to know you on this medium Miss Jacka.

Thank you.


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