Friday, January 29, 2010


DISCLAIMER: i am re-reading this and trying to work out whether mum bloggers are going to get the shits. instead of delete things i have already written, i will just say, i don't think poorly of mums who blog. i like good writers regardless of what they do. there are plenty of great blogs written by mums. i'm just not at the "baby's first steps" stage of my life so don't always relate.

scrolling through the blog world, i find about 90 per cent of blogs fall into two categories: mums and cooks. nothing wrong with that. just an observation.

for me though, as a reader, mum blog rarely hook me. i mean, if you're a wonderful writer with some sass about you, and you happen to be a mum, you could win me over. but if you're just talking about first steps, words and other cute-sy stuff, all power to you but i'm just not interested.

as for the cooking blogs, i'll usually have a bit of a scroll until a pretty dessert catches my eye. i'll suss out the ingredients and, 10 times out of 10, move on without taking any notes. still, they get a few minutes out of me which isn't bad in blog terms.

on that note, i decided i wanted to share a recipe with you. i'll never be the author of a cooking blog. i'm a foodie, but it's more the eating than the preparing for me. it's not that i don't cook, or don't enjoy it, it's just that i am time poor and find myself prioritising other things.

that's why this recipe suits. it's so damn quick and easy. not to mention scrumptious. and yes, i can call it my recipe because i altered the original to better suit me. straw clutching. i know.

so, to make my peppermint slice you'll need:
3 x peppermint crisps
1 x packet of butternut cookies
1 x can condensed milk
1 x block cooking chocolate

and you'll need to:
blend the biscuits into crumbs
chop up the p. crisps
combine in a mixing bowl
add condensed milk and combine
line square/rectangular tin with baking paper
spoon mixture in, spread out etc etc
refrigerate. best to leave it overnight
melt the chocolate and cover
cut into squares (or just pick up the whole slab and eat. eat. eat)

ps: it should look like this.

pps: the coolest thing about this recipe, my recipe, is that it features in an actual cookbook. it's called breathing life back into the kitchen. it's written by my auntie. it's awesome. and it's available in all wonderful book stores, other fantastic homewares stores or right here.


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I'm like you - I can't read too many mommyblogs without falling asleep, unless they're a good writer.

Hope you have a good weekend!

(visiting from SITS)

- Margaret

Karls said...

Awesome ! I love peppermint crisp... shame my arse is expanding so rapidly, or I'd def be giving this a go. Micko is my personal slave... ummmm I mean Chef. Might have to get the cook book for him!

Kellyansapansa said...

I've made the same observation. However, most of my blogroll is filled with Mum blogs because they comprise the bulk of the blogosphere! I'm only a part-time stepmum myself, so kid stuff doesn't greatly interest me. As for the cooking stuff, I only vaguely remember where our kitchen is, so it doesn't fill me with excitement either!

Nicky said...

OH wow this is awesome
I am absolutely making it for our dessert buffet

Do you know if it is freezable???

Caz said...

Guess us mummyblogger will just stick to our own hey. Each to there own in life.

kate said...

i agree caz. it's always hard to tell with written words, but you sounds offended. just to reiterate, you shouldn't be. it wasn't an attack on mummy bloggers at all. i'm just not about first steps yet.

lifeslightlyused said...

oooh - nom nom nom indeed :D this shall be used in this house - and then i'll eat it all and then i'll make more for the kids, and eat it all and then I'll make more - and thus the cycle will continue...with milk .
Thank you for recipe :)

bananas. said...

ah ha! i love your honesty on mommy bloggers. not all are bad but some are just snorefests to the extreme.

your recipe looks delish. what's the blue stuff though?

kate said...

well, the blue stuff looks much more green in real life and is pieces if peppermint crisp.


i lost a follower the second this went up. i think she much be a mum. not sure whether that requires a sad face or a happy face.

happylan said...

I'm not offended, but although I'm a mum with a blog, I hope I'm not seen as a mommyblogger. I do happen to think my kid is awesome, but I don't want to bore everyone with all the details of just how awesome he is. Part of the point of my blog was to give me an outlet where I can just be me, not just mum, or wife.

As for cooking blogs, I don't go much on them. Cookbooks, however are a different story - will definitely be checking out your auntie's book.

And as for the peppermint slice - I will be copying it into my recipe book close by to Sinky's famous ice-cream slice. But I'll never be able to make any of them because I'm always on a diet :P

Being Me said...

Hello! I came to this post and I can't even remember how. The dessert looks far too tempting for me (at my current waistline) to attempt but I shall print it out... thanks very much (probably NOT, for my waistline's sake!).

Am a mummyblogger too. Am possibly sometimes a snore-fest. Am way past the 'first steps' stage and don't think I actually ever went there. Most of my blogroll are mum-bloggers too - I'd say only 2 in 20 of them blog the way you have generalised. But I totally GWYM, in fact I too find blogs that are 100% about the daily lives of another family quite tedious cos it's like seeing my own all over again, in my spare/down time and who wants that! ;)

Gabrielle @ i.craft said...

I really don't think your post was offensive, being a blogger but not ever about being a mom, or at least VERY rarely because I find it less than interesting reading about juniors first tooth etc. I figure that what phone calls and photographs are for. But many mom bloggers are really reaching their demographic, just like a mom in the throws of potty training might stumble over here and think, wow I wish I had her life (maybe) But I guess I just know that bloggers of the same feather stick together.

Bethany said...

I'm with Happylan, I'm a mom that blogs. I do write about my kids from time to time, but honestly I don't think that the funny things they do translate too well to the Internet.

Come to think of it, I mostly blog inanely stupid things and I'm OK with that.

oops, I forgot to be offended and angry with you. I think I'll come back later and leave you a scathing anon comment. It's how I roll. (not really, I'm a bit fat liar.)

The Boob Nazi said...

I hope my blog fell into the "immediate love" category. haha

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