Monday, January 4, 2010

'weighing' in on the debate

i am usually quick to form passionate opinions on the big news stories about town. international disgrace tiger woods for example. but i tend to keep them separate from my blog. i don't want to get too fiery for one (i can be a little speedy to fly off the handle) but also, i generally like to write about things that aren't everywhere you turn.

but god damn it, i am so riled up about the jen-hawkins-nude-on-marie-claire-cover debacle and i can't stay quiet.

hawkins is a fantastic role model. i've not met her but she seems smart, she is hugely successful and she's most certainly gorgeous. but to roll her out, airbrush free, as an example of body confidence is simply patronising.

she's a former miss universe. a model who is no stranger to parading in swimwear and lingerie. a celebrity who is paid to look amazing. she does not represent your average woman.

i am sure she works very hard to keep her figure looking as good as it does. and we should all strive to be healthy, physically and mentally. but she was also blessed with a naturally amazing body and i fail to see the lumps and bumps she claims to sport.

yep, i am totally jealous. but that's not where my argument stems from. honest.

has apparently done this for charity. which charity? the butterfly foundation - an eating disorder support group. well, these pictures kind of make me want to stop eating so i'm not sure how they're going to work for those who've already gone that far.

plus-size model lizzie miller posed next-to-nude and untouched in glamour last year so this idea isn't new. in fact, marie claire's attempt seems token in comparison.

right, now off to the gym.


bananas. said...

um...if lizzie miller is considered "plus size" then i'm extra, extra plus size. eek!

yea, i'm with to run!

Kristin said...

Hmmmmmmm. They meant well but...

april said...

with you there - it made me feel the same way - just dificiant. (can't spell apologies)And like I do not want to eat ever again. Sigh.

I am a woman in said...

Hear, hear! Looking like Jenn is always going to be an unrealistic aspiration for the majority of us, whether she's PhotoShopped or not.

Bianca Dye has made some fabulous comments about this very topic:

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! Sigh. I thought Marie Claire and Glamour had made all these promises to show regular much for that!

Wendy said...

Hi from SITS! Another extra plus size here and I totally agree with ya!

Alana said...

I felt the same when I heard about it. Just couldn't find the word I was looking for - patronising. Exactly.

Marcia said...

In agreeance ... just ain't right. Leaves a bad taste. But I bet the mag sold a record no. amongst the men!

Popping in from SITS, a fellow Aussie. Happy Australia Day.

:) Marcia

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