Wednesday, January 20, 2010

you make me happy, when skies are grey

it's a blog award. it was bestowed upon me by kellyansapana. thanks muchly.

the first rule of the Happy 101 award is to list 10 things that make me happy. so i shall do so. now.

one. it's the first thing that comes to mind and it's pretty darn obvious. it's the boy. he's wonderful for a million reasons. he makes me feel deliriously happy. he makes me feel completely safe. it's the best.

two. coffee. it's not the flavour or the caffeine. although those things are great. it's what coffee represents to me. it's comforting for one but, more significantly, for me it's about connecting. connecting to your own thoughts. connecting to your friends. one of life's most simple pleasures is sharing a coffee with a mate. some of the conversations i've had over a flat white or two have been...god, they've been so many things. important, necessary, memorable, hilarious, path-finding, life-changing. i feel similarly about red wine so i'll throw that in here rather than repeat myself below.

three. what came first, the laughter or the happiness? regardless, i'm claiming laughing as one of my top ten. how good is it? even when the time's not right for a joke, there's room for laughter.

four. writing. i couldn't stop writing if i tried. it's therapy. even when the words hurt, the benefits are enormous.

five. hanging. just chilling. doing not much of anything. but with the right people. mike is one. a significant one. but there are others. people who it's fun to be bored with. now that's a valuable friend.

six. shoes. i have never once uttered the words "do these shoes make me look fat?" happiness in a shoebox.

seven. presents. yeh, fuck it. i'll say it. getting presents is awesome. except when they're shit and i have to pretend they're great. that said, i honestly do find much happiness in giving presents as well. but only when i feel like i've nailed it.

eight. balance. between work and play, between busy and bored, between gym junkie and lazyface, between starving and glutinous, between pollyanna and eeyore. balance has been part of my life in short bursts but i'd like it to stick around. it's my pursuit of happiness.

nine. weddings. 'tis the season it seems with mike and i attending weddings left, right and centre. good thing i love them. it's just so nice to be part of such a special moment and i am a sucker for the whole love thing. plus, you get to play dressups and party without hitting the skanky city. even in my past life working in hospitality, i loved when the evening's function was a wedding reception. guests were generally very happy which was such a refreshing change from the corporate wanks we usually catered for.

ten. food. yeh, this could probably sit up there with coffee and red wine at number two but i didn't think of it then and now i need a number 10. i love food for flavour's sake. i am a sweet tooth but appreciate pretty much any flavour. although baby corn and beetroot can fuck right off. give me a tim tam slam any day. peanut butter on a spoon. mmm. and ice creeeeeeeeeeeeam. nomnomnom. mike's ah-maze-ing in the kitchen so i win there. but really, it's the sharing thing again.

so, a beautiful meal accompanied by a lovely red, shared with wonderful friends (including mike, of course) who all bring me presents and compliment me on my glorious shoes. add lots of laughter and perhaps some wedding talk. punctuate with perfectly prepared coffee and follow up with a blog post - well, that's happiness in a nutshell.

now, the second rule of the Happy 101 award is to pass it on to 10 bloggers. i am going to james dean that one because 10 is just too many. i will pay it forward though and i'm shooting it across to happy lan, a wonderful writer (among other things) whose blog deserves attention.

cheers, big ears.

i wish it was friday.



Karls said...

Putting them altogether does sound rather fabulous! I could certainly go that!

Vicki said...

Great list. I'll have to engage my brain and write my list.

Mike said...

what a list. i reckon there would be many people out there who would have the same things.

can't believe you had the guts to say 'presents'. ballsy.

Alana said...

Thank you so much I really am flattered. And I have made my list now too.

bananas. said...

laughter, shoes, balance and food...that's one good list lady! makes me happy too.

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