Monday, February 1, 2010

blog-draw-graphy mondays

yeh, okay. not exactly a photo. but it's so cute and it's still a
picture so let's all agree to roll with it. okay? good.


Kellyansapansa said...

Aww, it's cute AND has a great message. Nice one!

Melissa said...

Am happy to roll with it... too cute not to.

Bethany said...

I saw your comment over on SITS and had to stop by b/c it would appear that I offended my mother (via my blog) last week so I just had to check your blog out.

I think the picture is too cute and I'm willing to roll with it if you tell me to.

Jessica said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!!

As far as advice for Italy, the best thing I can say is try to get a Rick Steve's book. We used this for EVERYTHING!! We found all the non tourist places for restaraunts, museums, bars, etc. It was awesome. We never did any group tours or anything b/c we had that book. We went to Tuscany, Florence, and Rome. Drank too much wine, and loved every second of it. I am seriously ready to go back!! I'm so jealous you're going! Have a great trip!!

bananas. said...

cute. except in my case, it usually the other way around ;)

ps. i have heard of we are heroes but HBO didn't pick that show up so i can only view clips online.

Taeby said...

its super cute!!

btw i love your picture on the banner =D

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