Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a dead tree and a stick of ink

wow, i am really stooping. i brought my laptop home after a weekend at the boy's house and logged on tonight* for the first time in months. seriously, it was getting its dust on.

the grand plan was to bash out one of the two promised posts. logging on was a breeze (my password's way too foolproof to forget), connecting to the server a cinch - but do you think my piece-of-crap laptop would actually open internet explorer? well, the answer's no and you don't get a prize if you managed to crack that code.

all the tosh-shit-ba could muster was an indecipherable fail message which took about 27,653 clicks to close.

mmm, to send or not to send error report? as if it makes a lick of difference.

dammit, my computer is nowhere near old enough or cheap enough to be shitting itself.

aaaaanyway, all that to tell you that here i am, writing these words with a pen. AN ACTUAL PEN! have you ever heard of anything so crazy?

i am so reluctant to delve into either of the posts i have planned - mostly because they might be long and it's going to be really annoying to transfer this tomorrow. then again, i seem to get a unique flow on when i'm writing ol' school style so perhaps i should take advantage. then again (again), it's almost midnight and i was stupidly tired at work today.

mmm, i might leave it. but since this is the second consecutive post that's said essentially nothing (and i missed blogtography monday, did you notice?), i'm going to leave you with a little something.

i found this yesterday and saved it immediately with camelshoes in mind. it requires no introduction. i think it speaks for itself.

OMG, it's JUST occurred to me i could have written this in word, saved it on a floppy disk (in keeping with the pen and paper theme) and transferred. idiot. as we've discussed.

* last night


Karls said...

Hmmmm... I'll pick intelligent and good looking any day. haha

Ahhhhh... the benefit of hindsight!

♥ Katinka said...

stopping by from SITS and wishing you a great week!

E. said...

Hey, do I get a prize for being Follower No. 50?

You could have used a USB key too!

I'm going for emotional stable and intelligent!

livemorenow said...

oh decisions, decisions ... these days emotional stability is optional so maybe intelligent and good looking is the way to go.

kate said...

@E. i should definitely get a prize, if only i was organised enough. let's say, if i ever become one of the prize-giving bloggers, you'll be the first recipient. thanks for joining.

i immediately dismissed emotionally stable. but then realised i had pinned myself as good looking as a result. we all know i am riddled with too much self-doubt to ever suggest such a thing. so now i am in limbo.

Mike said...

Well done on 50 camelshoes...

I'm picking emotionally stable and intelligent and good-looking.

i'm so smart i can't count.

CouponWebz | UPrinting Coupons said...

Picking the two traits you like is just half of the problem :P The other half of the problem is looking for the actual person that has those two traits LOL!


bananas. said...

only two?! gah! k then i'll be intelligent and good looking. being too emotionally stable gets boring. ha!

Em Static said...

I go with emotionally stable and intelligent. I've fallen for just looks too many times.

I've been meandering the blogosphere all night, so I'm not sure how I landed here, but... Hi. :)

april said...

Have a surprise for you over at my blog

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