Friday, February 5, 2010

has anyone ever told you...?

facebook says it's doppelgänger week. and if facebook says it's doppelgänger week, well godammit, it must be doppelgänger week.

karls here took this info and ran with it which i thought was a good enough idea to steal. thanks pal.

i've been told i look like a few famous people in my time. i also believe there's a not-so-famous person traipsing around sydney who looks like my twin. and i look heaps like my sisters. apparently.

i don't see it but you never do, do you?

anyway, chase cutting. most recently i've been told i look like rachel stevens.

rachel who? yeh, i know. that's what i said. best known for s club 7 although she's still pretty famous in london, where i kept (does four times count as kept) getting told i looked like her.

of course, this picture is completely hot and looks nothing like me. but when you google search someone famous, you tend to get all their portfolio type shots. anyway, i kept scrolling in search of something more natural and found this puppy:

yeh, still not seeing it.

next up:

yeh, blonde. i know. but the clarification is always that i look like a brunette version of kristen bell. actually, i am spinning the facts. i have never been told i look like kristen bell. i have, on a number of occasions, been told i look like veronica mars though.

then i went blonde for a while and the comparisons increased.

i'm still not seeing it and ps: i am totally taking the piss in this photo, in case you thought i was one of 'those' girls.

anyway, i've also been told i look like neve campbell and missy higgins, but not enough times to warrant a photo tribute.

i have, however, been told i look like this spunk rat numerous times.

but her fashion sense is way better than mine. that's about it for me. but there one more thing. one thing i must share. it's about the boy. or, more specifically, the boy's doppelgänger. hell-o henry ramsy.

a day later: the more i look at that veronica mars pic, the more i freak out. i can totally see me in that now.


Karls said...

You look a little too comfortable being one of 'those girls'.

And while we are on the topic of Punky...

Kellyansapansa said...

That definitely looks like a pose you have practised in the mirror ... :P

Anonymous said...

You do look like the 2nd photo of Rachel Stevens!!!

AJ said...

You do look just like the 2nd photo of Rachel Stevens x

Nicky said...

I love your hair blonde!
And I love the pose
Don't lie, you ARE one of those girls aren't you!

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