Friday, February 19, 2010

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hi. 'sup? sorry about the absence lately. i don't like neglecting camelshoes but, then again, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

i have two excuses. one: busy, busy week or two at work. which i like, btw. but it means i haven't had time to think about much else. two, my laptop's at the boy's house. i've had heaps of thoughts but no tool to transfer them onto the screen and into blogland. ps: i am not blogging on my blackberry. i can hardly text on that thing.

i do have some posts in the pipeline. some, as usual, will never make the cut but i will promise you the following:
  • a post on hindsight and why it both rocks my world and shits me to tears. anxious, irrational tears.
  • a post on moving house and the emotional stuff inside 'that' box.

right now, i am not committing to anything. the boy is more swamped than me with work at the moment and he has to fit study into his day. this means i don't see him anywhere near as much as i used to which, in turn, means i am soaking up as much of him as i can today.

we have a date with the couch, scrubs and a couple of zooper doopers. bags the pink one.

so as not to leave you with this ridiculously lame post, here's something i've been wanting to say to the world for a while...

gym gloves. i own some. they serve a purpose. i usually wear them if i'm doing a body pump or general weights. but, to the chicks (they're always chicks) who wear them in body combat classes i say to you: "eeeeeeeeerhhhhhhhen". combat instructors wear gloves so participants get a good, solid view of their hands. why do you wear them? does the air hurt?


Kellyansapansa said...

I love Scrubs - have a great afternoon!

Mike said...

eeeeeeeeerhhhhhhhen is actually the German word for the regenerating nutrient found in aloe vera.

i coined it.

you'll be hearing from my lawyers.

bananas. said...

gym gloves? this is a new concept for me but i've been to a gym before and yea i would wear some.

have a good week lady and thanks for letting me know about "split fringe". it's my new saying!

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