Wednesday, February 3, 2010

mmm, crunchy

i don't write much about sport anymore. well, i guess i never really did. here that is. i think it's a hangover from my previous life as a sports journalist. it just feels too much like work when i start getting my sports yarn on.

but a couple of issues from the wide world of sports have evoked...well...grrrr, in me lately. i'll share.

firstly, fucking pakistan. the cricket team, not the country. they've been embarrassed in both the test and one-day series here in australia. but that's not a problem. why would it be? of course, i want australia to win and, to be fair, pakistan are struggling a little and i have a soft spot for any underdog.

well, almost any underdog.

based almost solely on captain mohammed yousuf, i couldn't care less about pakistan's plight. that man is an arrogant twat. he led that team dreadfully. he placed outrageously questionable fields. he showed no fighting spirit.

and then this.

that's shahid afridi and yes, he's biting the fucking ball. he replaced yousuf as captain in the final one-dayer and, like yousuf, led by example. that's is if the example you aimed to set is how to blatantly cheat.

i seem to get a few american readers here at camelshoes and i know you guys don't do cricket. a quick lesson. like baseball, it's a bonus if the bowler (pitcher) can get the ball to spin (curve). unlike baseball, a cricket ball, more often than not, will bounce before it reaches the batsman - so, by biting the ball, afridi is manufacturing spin. or cheating. it's known as ball tampering.

it's done. but it's usually a sneaky because it's, you know, against the rules.

this dickhead just bit the ball like it was a fucking apple. in front of a live crowd, the working media and a national television audience.

post-match, afridi told a journalist he did not put the ball in his mouth.

"no, i was trying to smell it and see how it was feeling," he said.

when the journo suggested teeth are not used for smelling, afridi responded: "sometimes you can do".

from one dickhead to the next. hi willie.

it's just weeks until the 2010 NRL season kicks off but this guy's still desperately looking for a club because he's been burning bridges everywhere he goes.

i didn't really care about his plight, until now. the cowboys, my cowboys, have now expressed an interest in signing the hulking forward.

willie mason is nothing more than a trouble-making egomaniac. the cowboys already have one of those.

johnathan thurston might be (arguably) the best player in the world, but he's the worst thing for that team, in my humble opinion.

if the cowboys sign willie, i don't think i'll have it in me to maintain my support. and i don't think i'll be alone. let that be a warning to you, nq.


Karls said...

Wankers! He CLEARLY bite the effin ball. That is childish behavoir!

The unfortunate part about the whole Pakistan thing is that they will likely return home to find their houses burned down. said...

Oh please continue to talk about sport. Especially if you are going to talk about rugby league and the fact that Thurston is an arrogant twat :)

Vicki said...

Hahaha. Nice rant!
I love that Afridi used the "I was just smelling the ball" defence. What a dick!
You can have Willie. Keeps him away from NSW. I'm sure there are a few more NRL fools we can send up there. :-)

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