Thursday, February 11, 2010

why am i such a dickhead?

that post title is totally harsh. i am not a dickhead (well, sometimes i am, but not for the reasons i am about to delve into). and wow, i've managed to digress before i've even started. why am i such a dickhead? ha, would you look at that. full circle.


yesterday i broke down. well, not me. my car. harry the yari. i rounded the corner and harry slowed to a crawl. then a standstill. fuck it! that would normally be damn stressful. dead cars usually equal cash hemorrhage. but i knew why my car was dead and it was only going to cost me a little pride.

and a $17 jerrycan.

my petrol light had started flashing about 12 hours earlier. but i stand by the fact i normally get a good two days' worth of driving out of that epilepsy inducer. still, why risk it? see blog title for answer.

i called nrma and said sweetly: 'ahhh, you know how i am not a member? if i joined, would you be able to come and save me straight away?' conveniently, the answer was yes. inconveniently, the annual membership would have cost me more then double. i politely declined and bailed up a colleague because, thankfully, i wasn't far from work and it was lunchtime.

thank you johnno.

then last night i was driving home after dinner with friends. (yummy dinner, btw. sydney siders, try the spanish fly. but stay away from the profiteroles). about 10 minutes into the drive i realised my lights weren't on. that's probably the third time i've done that since i've been back in oz (about four months). i cannot remember ever doing this previously. not even once.

am i getting dumber? no, really, am i? because, when i think about it, it kind of scares me. i am barely clinging to 28. still, to me, that's not anywhere near old enough for the mind to start deteriorating.

i do realise i am being a little dramatic here. i am sure many people have run out of petrol or driven at night sans lights. but it's just that i feel a lot of this stuff is creeping into my life lately.

i searched high and low for that skirt which doesn't need ironing. high and freaking low. in the end, it was sitting on the bed...exactly where i would have put it myself minutes earlier in prep for wearing.

within seconds of being asked to give x to y at work last week, i forgot to give x to y.

and right now, i am trying to think of other examples of my fading brain, which i know exist, and can't. but hey, at least that gives me another example.

if i was always a bit daft, then i think i'd feel differently. but it's new stupidity and it's got me worried. to take the drama a step further, i can't help but wonder whether this kind of behaviour is connected in any way to dementia later in life. because, damn, that's a place i really don't want my brain to go.

but hey, let's laugh while we can.

mmm, i'm being way too dramatic, aren't i?


Kellyansapansa said...

The same thing happened to me at your age. I used to have a mind like a steep trap, but I guess it can't last forever. Post-it notes are your friend!

Nicky said...

I blame blogging
Seriously, I do.

One of these days I am going to run out of petrol.
I too can get 2 days out of the "empty light".
Now I have my smart it counts down how many litres I have left.
I left it get to 0.5lts and then fill up hahaahahah

Oh gosh.

Karls said...

My mind is a sieve and the older I get the bigger the holes! It's all downhill from here my dear!

april said...

Oh yes, me too - the old adage "I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on" is true - but I have days like that and days not - comes and goes.....

Joel said...

You might have forgotten to turn on your lights, but at least you know that your eyesight isn't going.

kate said...

excellent point. thanks for the silver lining.

Anonymous said...

pregnant much?

Lulu said...

I'm not even sure if you will see this - but age of 28 is when Saturn returns to where it was the year you were born. Heard of 'The Return of Saturn?
It usually means you do dumb shit, make HUGE decisions or can't work out what the fuck is going on xoxo

kate said...

thanks lulu - it's nice to have a good excuse. although now i am freshly 29 so i guess i don't anymore :)

Anonymous said...

Your remarks are fresh and fun and remind us all of ourselves. Keep pushing the limits and report back after you get petrol!

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