Monday, March 29, 2010

i feel pretty, oh so pretty (she seemed to say)

{an unacceptably low amount of words have featured on this blog of late}

{i have grand plans to rectify}

{in the meantime, i hope you've enjoyed the visual consolations}


Vicki said...

I want a big chair like this so I can feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Brandi said...

Found you on SITS. Love the party dress, beautiful color. What is in her hair though? I can't tell if it's one of those adorable mini top hats or a huge flower. Either way it's very cute.

kate said...

it is hard to tell. i'm thinking huge flower, because it doesn't seem to have enough structure to be a top hat - but i could certainly be wrong.

nel said...

I want that dress- and that chiar!
Lovely blog :)
Thank you for visiting mine!

Liz said...

I love Florence and the Machine! I'm actually going to see them in April. Can't wait.

Side note: I think I would enjoy owning that dress.

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