Monday, April 12, 2010

let's explore this world together

i haven't mentioned 100 layer cake before. it's been down there, to the right a little, on my blogroll, but i've not directed you to it. well, if you're anything like me, you should check it out. and by "like me", in this instance, i mean a lover of:
  • beautiful style
  • stunning photos
  • all things wedding
  • the look of love
i spend a little time there every couple of weeks. it warms my heart. here's a few more pretty 100lc pics for you, to make up for last monday's photo-less post.


Melissa @ Suger Coat It said...

These are great photos. Thanks for the blog referral, I'll go check it out. It certainly looks like fun!

Cat said...

Oh, I LOVE 100 layer cake and this photo shoot is all kinds of awesome! Love those balloons and who hasn't felt like the fellow in the last picture. Thanks for sharing. xoxoxo

alexis said...

oh man i love those. if i were that creative and talented i'd sell my brain on the black market and have my husband buy a robot wife. seriously, amazing. thanks for the share.

CuppyCakes said...

are they american?
because I'm pretty sure I saw a wedding shot similar, if not the same as one of those... in a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.

Which is pretty much my bible right now even though I am single, have no prospects... and delighting in singledom so much that I'm not sure I ever want to be in a relationship ever again ever. But the bridal magazines... i loves them.

kate said...

yeh, i am pretty sure they are american. some of the images are, i guess, professional shoots but they also feature 'real weddings' which i think is a beautiful touch.

i am the same with wedding stuff. not planning a wedding at all but just love looking at that kind of stuff.

as a result though, i think one day when it is my turn (fingers crossed), i'll probably have too many ideas to deal with.

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