Wednesday, April 28, 2010

love is a many-splendored thing


i love love.

and i should, because i'm in it. but that's not what this is about.

lately i've been thinking how truly wonderful it is. not to be in love, as such (although that is spectacularly grand) but just love. how it works. how it ignites. how it makes the world go 'round.

i don't have the data on this, but i reckon most people in this world, at some stage or another, get to experience love. wondrous, all-consuming love. many, in fact, get to experience it more than once.

and there are a lot of dickheads in the world.

but that's the beauty of it all. one women's dickhead is another woman's catch.

i am not trying to be funny about this. i really do think it's amazing how there's a right person - or perhaps a handful of right people depending on what you believe in - for everyone.

it'd be a pretty boring world if every single guy fell in love with miranda kerr and every gal was heads over heels for matthew mcconaughey. for starters, most people would lose out because they'd be married to each other. boo.

the fact is, there are women in this world who are: smarter than me, better looking than me, funnier than me, nicer than me blah blah blah. so why doesn't my boy go and find one of them?

because he's in love with me. and i'm in love with him. and that's how it works. and it's the best.

and we think our love is better than everyone else's. and everyone else in love thinks the same thing.

how wonderful.

don't you think?


bananas. said...

so wonderful!!!!

and i love is so much better than anyone else's. my boy is better than anyone else's...because he's my love :)

glad we both found it.

Melissa@Suger Coat It said...

wonderful. great post miss. lovely, warm and somehow very personal.

Luigi | Full Color Postcards said...

Awww...This post makes me want to say awww... :) I agree with you. You are so lucky. As for me, I am single at the moment, but I know someday I'll find someone too. :)

CuppyCakes said...

This is a nice post. It always made me marvel too. How people are generally attracted to different things and that how someone I like and whatever, someone else will look at and be all, "why?".

I'm looking forward to seeing what my next dealings with love will be. Hopefully it'll be better than the last one...

Karls said...

I'd never really thought of it like that. I mean, I've seen two ugly as a hat full of arsehole people that are happily married to each other and thought 'ah, nice! They'll probably have dumbshit ugly kids.' Kidding! Kind of! hahah

AndreaLeigh said...

sweet. :) love is lovely in those first few months of bliss. still lovely years down the road, but sometimes you hate your partner. haha!

just stopping by from sits to say hello!

Emelie Stanfield said...

Yes, I do think.
And that photo is beyond romantic. x

Beth said...

Happy to discover your blog today - very very cute post! :)

Kate said...

yes.... wonderful. :) Thanks for visiting, have a lovely weekend!

Wanderlust said...

Wonderfully wonderful, yes!

cjschlottman said...

Having loved and been loved, I almost weep at the truth of this piece. I lost my love of 35 years, but I will love him forever, and he, me. Thanks for this moving (and yes, a little funny) post.

kate said...

@cjschlottman i hope you don't mind me saying but...having so often been touched by your words, it's an honour that you've been touched by mine x

Seema Duggal said...

smiley face.

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