Wednesday, April 14, 2010

so, like, do you have a girlfriend? dot com

i work in the sports media industry. this means, for completely legitimate reasons, i often need to google football players' names. and every time i do - every. single. time - the same thing happens.

and it's fucking embarrassing.

go and try it. google 'rhyce shaw' as i've just done. google 'johnathan thurston' as i then did to see if my theory was right. try pretty much any other sportsman you can think of and i bet, nine times out of 10, the second google suggestion (or whatever they're called) is that players' name followed by the word girlfriend.

correct me if i am wrong, but doesn't that mean "name" plus "girlfriend" is the most popular search relating to said name in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD? no really, correct me if i'm wrong, because the following rant may be completely redundant.

so, instead of "cowboys", "north queensland", "halfback", "dally m", "bulldogs", "rugby league", "news", "pictures", etc etc etc, the most common thing people want to know is whether johnathan thurston (rhyce shaw, jarryd hayne, matt giteau, shane watson blah blah) has a girlfriend.

at this point i feel i must say thank you, skanks of the world, for your contribution to the continued degradation of women across the globe.

BUT WAIT!!! i found a silver lining.

i was a bit worried i had the whole drop-down meaning wrong so i saved this post as a draft and threw the question out to my twitter and facey buddies. not only did i confirm that yes, the drop-down options are popular searches, but i was directed to this hilarious site. auto complete me dot com, the home of pearlers such as:

go and have a look. while you're at it, laugh.


Melissa @ Suger Coat It said...

did you just call googlers skanks..? lol. oh dear. mmm. ok. hahahaha.

love the google drop down but really, really, love the random suggestions.

Dear Sydney said...

Ahhh ... the google dropdown :) It truly produces some very interesting results, but that is pretty crazy and VERY funny.
Thanks for a laugh and have a great day (visiting from SITS)!

kate said...

No, no - not googlers in general. Just the ones who use google to find out which footballer to hunt down

Luigi | Digital Postcards said...

Whoever searched that is definitely a huge T-Rex fan! Went to the site and I saw this "My Sister is my wife online". It's a crazy world out there. :-)

alexis said...

bwahahaha dinosaur. i think i peed a little when i read that. people are idiots. and i'm so glad cause i get to laugh at them.

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Love! I thought I'd googled some beauties thanks to my time on magazines but the finger taping dinosaur scenario is hilarious. Thank you. I'm following you just for that {oh, and because you popped over my way and followed me... thanksx}

carol said...

too funny. who would even think such a thing. A little too much dinasour train!

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