Friday, April 9, 2010

stupid arse

i told you i still had my low moments.

currently suffering big time following the realisation that this ah-maze-ing outfit will never be mine.

sorry about the mini pic. tried to enlarge, but the quality went AWOL

firstly, i can't find it. seems odd that the front cover of the asos mag doesn't seem to be available to purchase. more likely, i am just a bit useless*.

secondly, and most importantly, i thought this was a to-die-for jacket and had decided i would own it at any cost. but, upon closer inspection, i think it's actually a dress.

i still love it.

adore it.

but i could never wear it.


* can you be a 'bit useless'? probably not.


Luigi | Digital Postcards said...

I totally understand how you feel. That dress is top of the edge and really adorable.

Melissa @ Suger Coat It said...

yes you can totally be a bit useless! :o)

cheer up. the dress/jacket thingy might be online somewhere. welcome back with words btw.

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