Friday, May 28, 2010

adieu, adieu

dearest hannah...

welcome to camelshoes.

i don't tell people about this place. well, not in so many words. and not in any amount of words when it comes to colleagues.

no real reason. i am not in any way ashamed of what can be found here. but it's simply not something i often advertise.

but i am going to tell you about it today - your last day at work - because this post is a little space for me to bid you farewell with a few key tips ahead of your huge adventure.

no, no. none of that carpe diem stuff. you know how to seize the day already and you certainly don't need some chick you met eight months ago getting all preachy mcpreacho on you. but you do need to know where to get a flat white because, i tell you, london has no freaking idea.

this place is a good start...

in fact, after about a month of trying, soho's flat white became the only place i bothered ordering its namesake. elsewhere i just opted for a latte. no big deal. but it's still hit and miss. unlike in australia where i will avoid them like the massive cliche plague, i tended to veer towards chains like pret and costa. i still stayed away from starbucks.

now, i know you like a good breakfast. me too. although in my sleepy world it's known as brunch. and i promise i have never ever eaten better scrambled eggs then when my mate cam took me to ottolenghi for a birthday treat.

i never did get there for dinner, which i regret (as much as you can really regret something so trivial). give it a whirl and report back, will you?

still on food (surprise!), make sure you taste test your way around the amazing borough markets. yum yum. and while we're talking markets, spitalfields, camden and portobello should all be on your to-do list. while you're on portobello road, duck into the hummingbird bakery for a red velvet cupcake. you can thank me later.

okay, let's wash all that junk food down. wine time. i only got here a couple of times but i can't think of a better place to recommend than gordon's. if it's a martini you're after, it's dukes - but that's a tip i've stolen right from the boy's mouth. he's the 'tini doyen. beer? that's what you'd usually catch me drinking and i would have probably been at keston lodge, the old queen's head or the hoxton. they're really just local faves rather than must-sees but hey, why not?

oh, i forgot about the gordon's picture. look...

so, i've covered eating, drinking and a bit of shopping (ps: urban outfitters, reiss, top shop) which pretty much sums up my london experience. you've seen a world map so don't need my travel advice and you can delve into the lonely planet for all the church slash museum slash gallery info (although i do highly recommend the TATE modern) you need.

needless to say, this doesn't even scratch the surface of what london had to offer. have the time of your life exploring. we'll miss your smile.



CuppyCakes said...

when I went to London last year, I bought my sister the Hummingbird Bakery cook book, just so she could make me the red velvet cupcakes. Because those things are made of heaven, and my sister is a good bakery type cook.
MMMM. Red Velveeet!!

Emma said...

Beautifully written Kate! Alas I have never been, and with two babies, I fear it will be a while before I get there. Definitely on the 'to do' list though! :)

hannah said...

Oh Kate... I've been holding off on reading this for a while. You are a an absolute darling! Thank you so much for this information! I plan to go to every place you recommended. I will be sure to take photos everywhere! Really glad to have found a place in a good area (i think). I'm very excited as to what the future holds. Thanks again, Hannah xxx

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