Friday, May 7, 2010

nawww, for me? really? you shouldn't have...

...but hey, i am totally stoked you did.

readers, meet alexis. alexis gave me this.

so thank you, first of all. the validation rocks my world. and before i play along, allow me to return the kudos. alexis is the author of depressions and confessions and does a damn fine job if you ask me. she's wonderfully honest, for starters. add witty, smart, open...well, she certainly keeps me reading.

to the rules. i have to tell you seven things about me that you don't know. well, i've already told you 100 random things but i reckon i could steal some of those scrape together seven more. here goes...

1. i don't buy peanut butter because i am an addict.

2. reading the comments sections of online newspapers hurts my heart. people are ignorant, bitter, nasty. yet i continue to skim almost daily.

3. when i was in year 3, my friend and i liked the same boy. he said he'd go out with whoever bought him the best present. that afternoon i spent all my money on a ninja turtle rubber. i won. we went out for one entire day.

4. i wake up tired every single morning yet i never, ever want to go to bed at night.

5. i am moving on sunday. my flatmates think it's because a room in my best friend's house is being vacated but really, i just cannot possibly stand to live with one of my flatmates any longer. he talks complete shit, is cluelessly chauvinistic and, worst of all, watches (and records) two and a half men ad nauseam.

6. my plan, since i have so much control over the matter, is one boy and one girl. full stop. it doesn't need to be in that order. twins would be welcome. i'll go in for the third if we haven't had one of each. yes, i do realise there's another person's plans slash dreams to consider. but hey, my blog, my 'seven things'.

7. the scar above my left eye is from being punched in the head when i was 17. the idea of one girl punching another makes me cringe. it's for the most bogan of bogans but hey, i grew up in wagga wagga (and received the face fist in gundagai). needless to say, i didn't punch back. i did, however, head straight to hospital for four stitches which made me look like i'd never been introduced to a pair of tweezers.

and now i get to pass it on.

there are lots of beautiful blogs in my life. but today i choose to pass this award on to jandy of alis volat propriis. jandy won me over with her honesty (so do's an attribute i value highly). but most of all, i find jandy's efforts to unleash her happier self inspire me to do the same.

so thank you, jands...and to all the other beautiful blogs which, for whatever reason, make me smile.


alexis said...

I love that you compliment me while accepting your award. Thanks for that. And you totally deserve every award you're ever gonna get.

Karls said...

And I can say that... I grew up in Kilsyth on the very outer eastern 'burbs of Melbourne. And due to that fact, I know a bogan, when I see one! Takes one to know one, right?

Karls said...

Go Jandy! Woot!

Ouch bogan! Ouch!

Melissa@Suger Coat It said...

Congratulations lovely! I think that your blog is one of the most beautiful. Always a pleasure visiting.

Lillian said...

I love these lists! Very cool post.

jprp said...

awww, how special do I feel! a lovely compliment, and after the day i'm having at work, exactly what i need! i'll do you proud!

yup, and Karlys not lying, she sure does know a bogan when she sees one!

Natasha said...

Great to learn some more about you! I had no idea peanut butter was such a problem!

Congrats on your award!

Best wishes,

Amanda said...

I had to google some of your australian words :)

I'm SUCH a PB addict too...I just love. it. Congrats on your award!

kate said...

ha, sorry amanda. was it bogan that stumped you? i would say it's probably similar to trailor trash (if you guys realy say that and it's not just on tele)

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