Friday, June 25, 2010

"you may have the universe if i may have italy" - giuseppe verdi

not much happening today. a bit of a lie in, a light breaky, a trip to italy. you know, just your average friday...except that actually it's a pretty FREAKIN' AMAZING FRIDAY!

the boy and i have packed our bags (well, presumably. i wrote this pre-pack but since i scheduled it to publish just before we board the plane, i'm thinking we've put a few things in a suitcase by now) and we're off to explore "the boot" for four glorious weeks.

we'll land in rome tomorrow and the next four weeks will look a little something like this...


{regional tuscany}

{no, wait. wrong florence}

{that's better}




{cinque terre}

oh, what a wondrous month lies ahead.

the main purpose is to see this wonderful gal marry her equally wonderful guy in tuscany. and i can't think of a better excuse to travel italy.

aside from a few scheduled posts to keep camelshoes ticking, it'll be a little quiet here until late july. i am veering off the technology highway while i am gone and indulging in nothing but delicious food, a delirious luuurve. i can think of few things better. i'll make up for it by telling you about all the different gelato flavours i tried when i return.




Rebel Mel said...

Girl, you need a twitter!

If you don't have one, that is.

And why don't you take me with you?! Jeez!

Have fun!

CuppyCakes said...

Delightful! Have an awesome time!
I am going to Florence and Vienna in four months! Not that I'm counting or anything....

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! Have an amazing time (but how could you not?)...can't wait for the gelato recap :)

jprp said...

lucky you! I hope youre having a ball! Can't wait to see you pics and hear all about it when you return!

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