Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i can't get no sleep (ps: i'm home)

camelshoes has been a little light on of late but i have an awesome excuse, also known as four week holiday. tales of that amazing italian adventure to come including a new entry in my top five (sorry sorrento, you're out).

for now i just wanted to say hi, i'm home, and i have never been so exhausted. it's 17.33 on tuesday and i am heading into my 34th consecutive hour without sleep. i cannot put into words the pain of last night. i was so tired yesterday but could not for the life of me so much as nod off last night. jet lag? i guess so. i've taken plenty of long-haul flights and never suffered before so am perhaps getting it all at once.

so, an early night tonight for me (please, please, please).

i really look forward to catching up on blogs and updating mine but want to do so when my mind is actually working so am going to give it another day or two.

just quickly, i cracked 100 followers while i was away which makes me smile so welcome newcomers. i look forward to popping over your way very soon. i also lost a follower between sunday and today. why the face? shees.



Natasha said...

You poor thing! Jet lag is BAD!!! I so hope that you catch up some sleep soon. Take care and try a cup of chamomile tea!

Best wishes,

Jen said...

welcome home :) . Can't wait to hear all about your Italian adventure :)

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