Monday, September 6, 2010

1000 words

blogtography mondays, a little something i created to get the post count rolling as much as to share wonderful pictures, has been a weekly tradition for more than a year here on camelshoes.

but, all of a sudden, i decided i was over it.

i was going to keep going until i hit some kind of 'significant' sign-off figure. but then i wondered why the hell i would bother. what's wrong with signing off on blogtography mondays post number 56? what makes it worse than 50? 100?

so yes, as you might guess, blogtography mondays will draw to a close today.

i am grateful to have a wonderful catalogue of pictures to look back on. pictures that meant something to me, made me smile or were just damn sexy. and there'll be a lot more great pictures scattered throughout my words as camelshoes progresses.

but that's just it. this is a words blog. i am a words girl.



E. said...

I think that numbers ending in 0 are seen simply as more complete than others. Maybe that's why? Of course 56 is damn good too.

Just don't stop blogging, okay?

Melissa@Suger Coat It said...

I did this with Colours of Friday... I was like, due to lack of interest, mine not yours, it's done. Thanks and see ya! Haha.

A words girl. I like that. I love it here. As E said, blog on.

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