Wednesday, October 27, 2010

here's to you mrs robertson

i love weddings. they are just gorgeous. how could such a celebration - such a grand gesture - be anything else? but, no doubt, there are some weddings that, by virtue of the people and by virtue of the styling, are more gorgeous than others.

it's all a matter of opinion, of course. and, in my opinion, saturday's wedding of scotty (too hotty) and shell was one of the most gorgeous i have ever seen.

scotty and shell have been together 11 years. i make that point for two reasons. one, it's true and two, i think, in an odd way, it is representative of our generation. a generation that will do things when they're ready, not when every one says they should be.

11 years has nothing to do with uncertainty because there's little in life more certain than the 'meant-to-be' status of scotty and shell. they are loved individually and as a couple by family and friends alike. it was such a pleasure to share saturday with them.

plus, s and s are both designers which means the day looked so damn good. a friend nikki said it perfectly: "such a beautiful wedding and so reflective of two beautiful people".

there were so many steal-worthy touches: the picture frame hanging from a tree branch (complete with polaroid camera, scrap book and pen); the bocce set on the lawn; the lanterns up above; the collection of frames scattered about inside, each housing an important moment in time; the giant white balloons floating over the cupcake display; blah, blah, blah...honestly, this list could go on and on.

it would be remiss of me to gloss over the speeches. every speech, but especially those of the mr and mrs themselves, comprised some of the most lovely, heart-felt words i've ever heard. there wasn't a dry eye in the house as scotty wrapped up with a few choice words about his beautiful bride. and she sure was beautiful.

i forgot my camera (because i am good like that) so here is a small collection of photos i have unashamedly stolen from friends.

and the deed is done!

two beautiful (and expecting) bridesmaids

one of countless memorable touches at the charming venue
a better look at the gorgeous dress, the gorgeous bride

our little message to the bride and groom
it starts with photo geek. it continues with 'shin kicker'.

where our nights always end up

congratulations scotty and shell on a beautiful day. i know i am not alone when i say i look so very forward to spending more wonderful (and stylish) moments with you both.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a random collection of words to fill the white space

awful. just awful.

previous post equals almost three weeks ago. i haven't been the neglectful in a very long time.

insert ramble about work playing time thief. boo.

work is still stealing excessive minutes so i am not going to delve into anything here. but i just had to pop in and say a quick hello.

hello. how are you?

i'm good.

lots to tell you. and i look forward to reacquainting with the written word.

for now, a summary.

watching: it's hard to say. our television has the worst reception so i am kind of watching tv snow. i like background noise but i get too involved in music to concentrate on the task at hand.

reading: a book the title of which i can't even tell you. and i am almost finished. needless to say, it's not blowing me away. i am persevering because i didn't buy it expecting it to blow me away. i bought it because i thought the writing style (more on that another day) would prove an inspiration...or perhaps an educational deterrent.

playing: still can't get enough of flo and the machine on the iPod. i know, it's probably time to move on. but she still makes me happy. perhaps because i listened to her throughout italy and she takes me back. come november i plan to be playing a lot of he will have his way.

eating: frozen dinners. so lame. so convenient. but i make up for it with my weekend fare. sydney readers, i implore you: baffi & mo.

drinking: way to much red wine on the weekend. not enough water today.

planning: melbourne in january. australian open plus great ocean road. tips most welcome.

loathing: spring pretending to be winter. very funny, buddy.

loving: among other things, i am loving that on saturday, two very wonderful people will be getting married. all the very best scotty and shell. a match made in wagga wagga. i am so excited to see what kind of wedding day you've both created. i know it will be stunning. xox

and a little picture to close, because it really has been too long.

To continue the wedding theme. Admired at and pinched from 100 layer cake.

Friday, October 1, 2010

a new take on an old system. join me, won't you?

camelshoes used to sport the follow gadget. it doesn't anymore. the reason can be found, in part, right here.

but while i've rejected the gadget, i haven't rejected the concept.

if you like what you find here - like what you see, like what you read - i would love you to follow along.

here's how.

bloggers: see the search box thing in the top left corner of this page? and see the word follow next to it? click that.

non bloggers: scroll down. scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll. when you hit the bottom (after the last post but before the disclaimer) you'll see it says 'subscribe to'. click that.

go on. you know you want to. but hey, if you don't, just don't. i'll keep playing with words regardless.

*another big thanks to all who commented on the linked post. you made the decision so very easy.
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