Friday, October 1, 2010

a new take on an old system. join me, won't you?

camelshoes used to sport the follow gadget. it doesn't anymore. the reason can be found, in part, right here.

but while i've rejected the gadget, i haven't rejected the concept.

if you like what you find here - like what you see, like what you read - i would love you to follow along.

here's how.

bloggers: see the search box thing in the top left corner of this page? and see the word follow next to it? click that.

non bloggers: scroll down. scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll. when you hit the bottom (after the last post but before the disclaimer) you'll see it says 'subscribe to'. click that.

go on. you know you want to. but hey, if you don't, just don't. i'll keep playing with words regardless.

*another big thanks to all who commented on the linked post. you made the decision so very easy.

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