Wednesday, November 3, 2010

keep calm and cut my hair

i tried a new hairdresser the other day. i'm not unhappy with my regular hairdresser - in fact, she's probably the best i've ever had (to the point that i can forgive her the water down the back during the rinse) - but i couldn't get an appointment before last saturday's wedding and really wanted slash needed a touch up.

i saw this as a opportunity to try a little place i'd spotted close to home. it's right next door to a cafe i frequent and the interior styling really appealed to me. it's got character where my regular salon's styling is a bit obvious.

i'll stick with obvious.

first, i had to return the next day to ask for the finished product to be fixed. then, i had to ask her it to be fixed a second time when the first 'fix' did nothing to alter my zebra sideburns. fuuuuurthermore, she made two serious conversation errors; both involving ill-thought out comments insulting my home town and the people who live there.

but the icing on the cake (well, it actually came first so it was more like the flour in the mix) is what i wanted to bring to your attention...

two weeks before my appointment i popped my head in the salon post coffee and managed to secure a highly sought after thursday night slot just before the wedding. winner. i briefly explained what i was after. hairdresser-to-be responded:

"yeh, it's looking a little brassy"..."hmmm, you're probably due for a cut".

thanks scissor sister but i've got two weeks left with this hair so lay off. plus, i didn't even book a god damn cut and you know it.

this happens to me all the time. in fact, one of the things i really liked about my regular was complete the absence of this sly criticism. the first hairdresser i tried in sydney was probably the worst. she spent the entire appointment returning to the subject of my hair's awful condition and how great it was going to be once she'd saved it.

what i can't work out is whether it's a strategy or not. they're essentially having a crack at the previous hairdresser, also known as the competition, so it makes business sense in a way. on the other hand, it doesn't encourage me to come back.

and i hate to play the 'busy' card but it's not easy to find three spare hours to sit in a chair no matter how up-to-date your magazine collection is. it's even harder when you have to give up a subsequent hour the following morning for mistakes to be rectified.

as a hairdresser, you should lead lead by example and always sport a spectacularly healthy and fashion-forward 'do. as a writer, i should lead by example and always illustrate strong spelling and grammar (lack of capitals acknowledged). and since i politely keep to myself the fact your shop sign is missing an apostrophe, i'd appreciate it if you left me and my brassy crop alone.


good, bad, ugly hairdresser experiences: got any?


Kirsty said...

I remember once trying a new hairdresser at a very famous chain where I live.

He was cool. I was having it cut short. Everything was going great until he said:

"ummm I think I might have cut a little bit too much off".

NOT the words that you want to hear when you're sitting in the chair and the hair is already gone.

And yes, he did cut far too much off. I had (no kidding) about half an inch of hair left at the front and top. Needless to say I never went back there again.

On the bright side, I didn't have to have my hair cut again for a few months!

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

This is EXACTLY why I cut and colour my own hair {admittedly I am very lucky that you can't notice any uneven bits because of my hair's curliness!}.

I hate the snark, as you say, it doesn't sell me - it just turns me off.

Hope you've salvaged it - and thank goodness you've got your regular hairdresser to go to!

Rick M said...

I once got a massage from a drop-dead-gorgeous male hairdresser. It was nice. The haircut was abysmal, but my word I went back.

Rick M said...

I once got a massage from a drop-dead-gorgeous male hairdresser. It was nice. The haircut was abysmal, but my word I went back.

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