Saturday, December 11, 2010

i wear short shorts

and after the mojitos, i walked home. and on the way home, i popped into the local store. and in the local store, i fell for some shorts. and because i was a bit tipsy, i decided why not? and in cold light of sobriety, i still love my new shorts. win.

My shorts. Not my body.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

check me out

oh, we all have our little facebook gripes. i've had my whinge here but, in the end, i log on at least daily so (who am i kidding?) i am addicted.

but i am yet to see the benefit of this new checking in situation.

sat with three mates at corridor, sipping mojitos and watching newtown pass us by, one of said friends "checked" us in on facebook. is that even what it's called? in case i am getting it wrong, what i mean is she told facebook where she was and who she was with. and, because i was 'with', the check in appeared on my facebook page too.

now, there was no problem with this, on this occasion. but it did make me wonder: what if i had pulled out a little white lie to avoid something or someone in favour of mojitos at corridor. it's not like i make a habit of this kind of behaviour but it's fair to say, it happens. and i'm okay with that. unless i get caught out.

and, what if someone nearby notices that you've checked in. someone who you don't really need to see on a casual saturday arv? someone who doesn't understand that you don't really need to see them on a casual saturday arv. again, i don't mean to imply i run around town avoiding enemies. and, of course, why would i have enemies on facebook? but we all know there are mojitos-on-a-saturday-arv friends and there are facebook friends, right?

have you checked in?
been caught out?

Friday, December 3, 2010

stuff and nonsense*

my week has been totally shit, damn good and everything in between.

i don't want to write about why it was totally shit because i don't want to dwell in the shitiness of the shit. i don't want to write why it was damn good because the big positive has a niggling negative and i know i'll end up talking about the latter and i want to let it go for now.

what a stupid post. i have been entirely coy and useless.

i am, however, looking ridiculously forward to the weekend. summer has decided to pop by today which is great since rain had been predicted for the first 20-something days of december. what the? still, i think the wet stuff will soon return, but hopefully not before sunday because i have some grand, sun-dependant plans. i'll tell you about them some other time. perhaps.

i shoudn't tell you this, because it's busy enough as it is, but the finders keepers markets are on tonight and tomorrow so i'll be swinging by after a baffi and mo brunch in the morn. sweet.

i've just downloaded the new girl talk which i am already loving. after two years of listening to the same album on the treadmill, i can finally mix it up. yes, i do have other music on my ipod but nothing works like girl talk for me. one issue, i find it really difficult to run off beat. does that happen to anyone else? or should i add that to the reasons-why-i-am-weird list? oh, there's a list. ps: download for free here. 'tis legal.

so, our cricket team sucks. i don't like being crap at stuff and that extends to those who represent me (ie: the australian cricket team) but still, i just don't care as much as i used to. anyone who has ever watched state of origin with me pre-2006 will probably assume someone has hijacked camelshoes but: it's just sport. still, they'd better perk up for the second day of the fifth test because i didn't fork out 105 bucks to watch this shit.

uuum, what else? eh, how about just wrapping it up rather than scraping the bottom of the blog convo barrel? yes, good idea. you poor people who have continued reading waiting for substance. sorry.

have a grand weekend!! yeeeow!!

stay summer, stay!
*it's possible i've used this heading before. it sounds like something i would do. but i couldn't find it so i am rolling with it. forgive? thanks

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