Sunday, January 30, 2011

food glorious food

one of the reasons i've been blog absent of late is that i've been on holidays. the boy and i spent a week in melbourne. i used to be organised enough to schedule a post or two but not anymore it seems.

anyway, point of the trip (in addition to the simple yet important 'just because') was one, the australian open and two, the great ocean road.

more about that later. for now, i'd like to discuss food.

i love brunching. it's my favourite meal to share with friends. it's my favourite meal to enjoy alone. i'll usually brunch at least once each week and i've tested plenty of sydney spots. my favourite, although it's not an easy pick, is probably redfern's baffi and mo. try the eggs baffi, the hash stack, the baked eggs (the boy rarely orders anything else), the ricotta pancakes w lemon won't be sorry.

that said, and as much as i really do adore b&m, in three days melbourne served up two of the best brunches i've ever experienced. ever.

let's start in hawthorn. i was so excited to try porgie + mr jones because my beautiful friend georgie is, in fact, porgie. i was thrilled that when georgie and i caught up later i was able to wax lyrical without even a hint of embellishment.

the atmos, the style, the service, the menu and, oh so importantly, the coffee and the food: so impressive.

porgie had recommended the smashed avo or banana bread and, when i laid eyes on the menu, they were the exact items which appealed the most regardless of the advice.

sweet or savory? sweet or savory? first world problems.

decision = smashed avo w thyme buttered mushroom, marinated feta + torn basil on wholegrain toast. and yes, i added the poached egg (hush. i'm on holidays).


although i am sure i'd have felt the same about the toasted banana bread w maple syrup mascarpone, fresh banana, berry compote + crushed pistachio.

for the boy: folded scrambles w fresh herbs and holy goats cheese on wholegrain. more yum.

if you're in melbourne, get there.

also, get here. richmond hill cafe & larder.

for me it was the bircher muesli w strawberries, toasted almonds and richmond hill's vanilla bean yogurt. bircher's a pretty standard menu item and i've tried it in plenty of places. it's never tasted this good before.

the boy went for the baghdad eggs (w lemon, garlic, cumin and mint on grilled flatbread) and they were amazing. i would have had food envy but i was too busy loving my muesli.

cheese lover that i am, we didn't really take advantage of the larder but the display did look spectacular. still, we were en route to the oz open and i don't think 500g of stilton would have survived a day in rod laver arena. next time.

and, on that note, i'm hungry.

Friday, January 28, 2011

new things in my life

this post exists mainly because of guilt. i haven't written for ages. aaaaaaaaaages. and i don't like big gaps between posts. sorry camelshoes.

that said, it's a definite filler post. a couple of pictures. a few words. not a great deal of thought. still, it's a little bit exciting that i have a new ipod and a new scent in my life.

my ipod is pink. like the one in this picture, it will also have the wonderful sia album we are born on it, among other grand tunes.

my current ipod - also a nano but of the first generation variety - is on its last legs. i did buy it in 2006 though so kudos on the lifespan, apple. especially considering my blatant ipod abuse (read: stores 'pod down bra at gym).


i will once again smell like coco mademoiselle. it's been about 18 months. i ran out and decided to hold off on a replacement. i had three different scents on the go but wasn't getting through the others in favour of the divine ms coco. but i missed her. plus, i smashed one of the backups. oops.

thanks must go to the australian dollar and my jet-setting sister for making these purchases happen.

also, happy birthday sister.

to everyone else, have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

i think i see ewan mcgregor singing inside

thanks a million to last doll standing for consistently bringing pretty things to my attention. and thanks a million to noir for designing and creating this most glorious piece.

(and thanks a million to my birthday for being kinda soon. wink, wink).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

cage redeems himself, courtesy of harry hanrahan

in case you missed it, i hate nicolas cage.

i hate his movies. i hate his voice. i hate his face.

the following video, however, is a scream.

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