Tuesday, January 11, 2011

cage redeems himself, courtesy of harry hanrahan

in case you missed it, i hate nicolas cage.

i hate his movies. i hate his voice. i hate his face.

the following video, however, is a scream.


jprp said...

i cant watch that at work, so i'll have to wait till i get home.... but, i can't help to notice the dissapearance of certain posts... hope theres a good reason for that :)

kate said...

you should definitely watch it.

and all good on the 'previous post front'. just sort of felt like i wanted to move on but since i hadn't posted in a while,my blog wasn't doing the same.

i will repost when i have a couple more post online, i think.

it's all a bit silly but it's a weird time.

happiness in my life though...thank you jandy xx

McGriddle Pants said...

THANK YOU!! Someone had to say it. I hate his stupid face. He is such a BAD ACTOR!!! Fucking shit! How does he have a job?! Oh yeah-- cause he's a Coppola. Bitches.

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