Friday, January 28, 2011

new things in my life

this post exists mainly because of guilt. i haven't written for ages. aaaaaaaaaages. and i don't like big gaps between posts. sorry camelshoes.

that said, it's a definite filler post. a couple of pictures. a few words. not a great deal of thought. still, it's a little bit exciting that i have a new ipod and a new scent in my life.

my ipod is pink. like the one in this picture, it will also have the wonderful sia album we are born on it, among other grand tunes.

my current ipod - also a nano but of the first generation variety - is on its last legs. i did buy it in 2006 though so kudos on the lifespan, apple. especially considering my blatant ipod abuse (read: stores 'pod down bra at gym).


i will once again smell like coco mademoiselle. it's been about 18 months. i ran out and decided to hold off on a replacement. i had three different scents on the go but wasn't getting through the others in favour of the divine ms coco. but i missed her. plus, i smashed one of the backups. oops.

thanks must go to the australian dollar and my jet-setting sister for making these purchases happen.

also, happy birthday sister.

to everyone else, have a wonderful weekend!


Rick M said...

I have le missed you.

☮♥♫ said...

That's EXACTLY what I do with my iPod, too! I don't know how sweat hasn't somehow messed up the touch screen yet..oops.

Kellyansapansa said...

Mmm - Coco. Divine.

Andreea Mihaela said...

hmm coco mademoiselle :X ,

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