Thursday, February 10, 2011

hallmark: you're out of the group.

cards are such a lovely gesture.

problem is, most of them are terrible. i've wasted unacceptable amounts of time in newsagents trying to find a suitable card for an upcoming event only to wonder time and time again: 'who the hell would buy that?' once, after failing to find anything near suitable for a friend's wedding, i turned the tables and tried to find the ugliest card ever. that game was much easier (and kind of fun)!

every now and then though, i strike gold. and i think: 'stock up. save yourself this frustration next time'. but i never do.

until now.

thanks to able and game for the super cute cards which i discovered at finders keepers markets in december. i didn't buy at the time because i was overwhelmed by the crowd and by choice. their etsy store though has since had a workout.

a couple of gems, for your perusal...


Jandy xx said...

haha thirty!


I love strange funny cards, my favorite ever is a pic of a little girl from the 80's with a bowl haircut and under it, it said "sis, remember when you were a little boy?!" WTF?!!!! it was a hallmark card too!

Paris said...

LOL - those are adorable, thanks for the tip!

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