Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day no one!

so, it's v day. i like v day because there's a chance i'll get a present. and i like presents.

i am also a total sucker for romance. god knows i put too many lovely dovey pictures on camelshoes. look here's one.

and another

sucker or not, romance doesn't have to happen on february 14. the boy and i acknowledge v day - no point being cynical for the sake of it - but it's low key. i kind of think the grand gestures are more for new or soon-to-be couples.

that said, i'd like to send out a happy valentines day to you. i love you (for reading my blog).

to celebrate our love (well, just to laugh really), i'd like to share this. the end of a very funny ep of 30 rock (aren't they all). it's v day and liz lemon has arranged to have dental surgery so that she has an awesome excuse for not having a date rather than feel as though she has no one. of course, you need someone to take you home after dental surgery and, since it's v day, no one's free. shame. cue anesthetic side effects and the three dentals nurses suddenly look a lot like three ex boyfs.


a 'private' ps for the boy: iku.


Jandy xx said...

cute post :)

did you see you were famous? they were talking about you on blog this!

Kellyansapansa said...

And a belated Happy V Day back at you!

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