Friday, March 18, 2011

hey fatty, love yourself

'tis not often i take photos of toilet walls...

...but it's not often i agree so strongly with both sides of an argument either.

at 29 i am still trying to shake that obsession with weight and body image. the idea that a six-year-old could have similar issues is scary.

but damn, kids are fat these days. and that's pretty scary too as far as i am concerned.

which side are you on?


theKatieKitten said...

I hope for the happy medium :)

stink-bomb said...

while i also agree with both sides, i don't think we need to actually label kids "fat". yes they're overweight, yes they need to a] eat less, b] eat healthier and c] exercise more but by calling them "fat" all we do is lower their self esteem which can create even MORE problems in the long run.

as a society we need to of course encourage HEALTHY lifestyles but we also need to stop putting so much emphasis on looks and body types.


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